Tony (also known as Tony Uncle) is a fictional character featured in several of Lilly Singh's YouTube videos. He is the husband of fellow character Rani Aunty and father of Dave, Lilly's "cousin". He is related by marriage, rather than blood, to Lilly's fictitious family.

In several videos Tony Uncle is seen as a socially awkward man who makes seemingly obvious and unnecessary comments and observations, such as remarking that the success of Lilly's documentary A Trip to Unicorn Island is "good". He does not seem to be very intelligent, as in the video "When a Brown Girl Dates a White Boy", after Lilly introduces her fictional boyfriend (played by Adam Devine) to her uncle, he responds with "I am Lilly's uncle".

He often wears baseball caps and has a similar dress sense to his brother-in-law, Manjeet Singh. There is a high chance he has met another relative named Preeti, as his wife constantly mentions and compares her to Lilly in her various appearances.

Early Life (Character)Edit

Tony was born in February 21, 1960 in Punjab India, and was best friends with Manjeet Singh.

In August 1977, he married Rani Singh, according to him he was in a unhappy marriage, as he never loved his wife Rani Singh, he even goes far too say that he was reason to drink, when he is around his wife.

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