Spice News is an IGTV series created, written and produced by Lilly Singh beginning in 2018. The show features her fictional parent characters Manjeet and Paramjeet Singh as reporters in a news broadcast; the news covered ranges from pop culture and drama to complaints about the Indian parents' neighbours and friends.

The series was first broadcast on 22 June 2018, and received regular broadcasts from then on typically lasting several minutes in length.


In the series, Lilly's 'mother' Paramjeet Singh is the main newscaster and presenter, and the one who usually greets viewers at the very beginning of each news broadcast. Meanwhile, her husband Manjeet is shown on the weather broadcasts, breaking news reports and live 'from-the-scene' coverage. They are often depicted having arguments on-screen in humerous ways and usually from minor things.


The series itself takes a humerous view on news from the perspective of a stereotypical exaggerated Indian parent. The episodes usually begin with pop culture and celebrity news, and occasionally news regarding Manjeet and Paramjeet's 'friends', neighbours and coworkers is shared, typically with Paramjeet tutting with disapproval, showing her rivalry to them. Lilly herself (in her capacity as the duo's daughter) is often mentioned in the broadcasts, with their typical condescending tone used towards her to compare her to other Indian parents' children, such as Preeti.


Episodes are typically released weekly, with the first 'proper' broadcast being released on 23 June 2018 as the first Spice News episode was an introductory advertisement. The series is only available on IGTV, an add-on recently included with an update of social media site Instagram, where Lilly has a very large following and her fictional parents and dog Scarbro also have accounts.

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