Rani Singh (born August 22, 1960) also known as Rani Aunty  is a character featured in some of Lilly Singh's videos, such as "3 Ways My Childhood Screwed Me Up" and "Mass Invite Gone Wrong". She is Manjeet's sister and the fictional aunt of Lilly. She stated in one video that she is 31, but she was most likely lying about her age.

She has a son called Dave and is Tony Uncle's wife. She also believes that Dave invented Facebook and is very behind in the times. It is shown that she has a bad memory and sometimes confuses Lilly with Preeti, presumably another family member.

As Paramjeet's sister-in-law, she and Lilly's fictional mother have a rivalry shown in "Sh*t Brown People Say at Fam Jams" and Rani disproves of Lilly being a YouTuber rather than an accountant, doctor or lawyer.

She has said herself that she does yoga every day, and has changed her appearance drastically throughout Lilly's videos, going from resembling Paramjeet greatly to a very different fashion and hair style seen in more recent videos such as "When a Brown Girl Dates a White Boy", which features Adam Devine

Early Life (Character) Edit

Rani Singh was born on August 22, 1960 most of her childhood she was raised in Punjab, India and had an older brother named Manjeet Singh

Rani and Manjeet grew up poor and whenever it snowed she and his older brother walked to school with no shoes.

She was arranged to marry Tony  in August, 1977,  there was not much much romance or intimacy between Rani and Tony, as they never really loved each other, it's unknown if her brother Manjeet Singh attended the wedding.

It is possible that Rani was featured in Manjeet's fantasy parody of Priyanka Chopra and Pitbull's song "Exotic", as one of Paramjeet's backup dancers.

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