Manjeet Singh (born January 21, 1960) sometimes spelled as Manjit is a character heavily featured in many of the videos of popular YouTuber Lilly Singh, also known by her Internet persona IISuperwomanII. The character is an exaggerated portrayal of her father, known for swishing his hair back and saying "Hello!". Manjeet is the 'husband' of mother character Paramjeet Singh and the fictional father to Lilly in videos such as "My Kids Do This" and "The Difference Between You and Your Parents".

In one of Lilly's videos, it is stated that Manjeet is a Sagittarius. He also reportedly cried when one of his favourite Game of Thrones characters died.

Manjeet is heavily featured in the "My Parents React" series, where he and Paramjeet react to popular music videos and movie trailers. He often refers to himself as 'Johnny Depp'.

In collaboration videos, Manjeet has met YouTube stars such as Amber Rose, Shane Dawson and Adam Devine.

Manjeet as a character is Paramjeet's husband, Lilly's father, Rani Aunty's brother and Tony Uncle's brother-in-law.

Early Life (Character) Edit

Manjeet Singh was born  on January 21, 1960 in Sector 17, Chandigarh Punjab, India and had a younger sister named Rani Singh

Manjeet was poor during his childhood, and as a little boy wherever it snowed, he had to walk to school with no shoes, and after school, he used to sit by a tree near his house, and drink lesie with his friends.

He came to North America in November, 1972 after finishing Grade 8 with 3 jobs.

When he was 16, the first car he drove was a rickshaw "he mentions it was very good looking car  and it was shiny".

During the late 1970's, his sister Rani Singh fell in love with   Tony Uncle, which was an unhappy marriage, it's unknown if Manjeet Singh or his parents attended the wedding or not.

After finishing college and getting a degree, he met Paramjeet in June, 1982 and got married one month later In July, 1982 (presumably an arranged marriage). He and Paramjeet say that they wanted to take things 'slow', when being asked about their honeymoon, he blushed awkwardly until Parmjeet, said "we meet for the second time".

After the marriage, Paramjeet Singh was invited to Manjeet's, parents house, she was in a lot of pressure because she was  gonna cook fifty two roti's for them,  while cooking she burned one of the roti's making her and Manjeet Singh kicked out of his parents house, and almost him filed a divorce against Paramjeet Singh.

On September 26, 1988 Paramjeet gave birth to Lilly, during her childhood, his daughter Lily was obsessed with wrestling so much so that Manjeet even thought that her wife drank when she was pregnant with her and one time he gave her a biycicle when she was 10.

In 2018 Manjeet began to be featured in an IGTV news series titled Spice News alongside his fictional wife Paramjeet, where he acted as the weather forecaster, breaking news reporter and live correspondent while Paramjeet was the main presenter and newscaster in the studio.

He has his own Instagram and Twitter accounts with both handles as @iimanjeetii.

Manjeet impersonated Miranda Sings to celebrate the release of Sing's show Haters Back Off on Netflix on October 14, 2016. He is also an avid fan of the Olympic Games, often shouting "Go India!" whenever it is mentioned. He was also shown to be very proud of Lilly after her documentary, A Trip to Unicorn Island, was released. He incorrectly stated the movie was more successful that the Fast & Furious franchise and calls it "Fast Fast Furious".

It is known that Manjeet has a weak back, and often flirts with women such as Amber Rose in "My Parents Accidentally Went to Sex Therapy". He is also a fan of One Direction and Beyoncé. He is a frequent teller of (very bad) jokes.

Manjeet has a deep hatred for and rivalry with Miranda Sings, and the two switch brains in the video "Getting Freaky on Christmas". Lilly refers to this incident as "Christmas Cancer" and is solved at the end of the video.

It is shown in Lilly's will that, when she dies, Manjeet will get her car. He then writes a personal note that states: "Get Instant Gram (Instagram) for new car". He also refers to himself as a "real boy" in "Halloween in the Friendzone", leading Lilly to assume his Halloween costume is Pinocchio.

Manjeet is known to occasionally pronounce his name "Manjeet" specifically to showcase his masculinity, and is known to enjoy showing off his "muscles" and "abs".

Creation of the Character Edit

After Lilly's popular 2012 video "Sh*t Punjabi Fathers Say", she began to form an idea in her head of an exaggerated father character in her videos. The positive response from the video led to Manjeet being featured in more and more videos. The character has evolved over time to become what it is now, going through many appearance changes, and he has become one of the most popular characters on Lilly's channel, with even a Twitter and Instagram page to call his own.

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