#LEH is a song by YouTube personalities and rappers Lilly Singh (credited as Superwoman) and Humble the Poet, released in July 2014. Unlike Singh's previous musical endeavours, #LEH was made available to purchase on music sites such as iTunes and Spotify. The music video was released shortly afterwards, and has accumulated over seventeen million views. Classed as a hip-hop song, the lyrics of #LEH discuss dismissing common excuses made by people with the term "Leh", such as "Overprotective of your sister, but with other girls you switch it? Leh".

The single was promoted throughout several of Lilly's videos through its mentions during the end card, as well as a short animation of the video appearing at the start of some of her videos, which were later removed.

The song was produced by the Durrani Bros., like many of Singh's other musical endeavours. The music video was produced by Digitology.

A remix of the song was released in 2016 by Humble the Poet via his YouTube channel, featuring new lyrics. This version of the song is not available for purchase.

The song serves as the debut commercial single for Singh. Unlike her later single releases (and YouTube content), the song is classed as explicit due to lyrics rapped by Humble the Poet.

The song's music video features several of Singh's friends which have also appeared in other videos, as well as ASAPScience.

The song has also been used in other videos, such as in the video "How I Got My Drivers License" featuring Steve Aoki. Manjeet Singh and his wife Paramjeet also often use the phrase, usually to describe Lilly.

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