Jessica is character featured in a number of Lilly Singh's videos, especially during her early YouTube career. The name itself does not refer to one person, but several stereotypical "basic white girls" that appear or are mentioned in a video, usually depicted as extremely irritating; to go along with this character trait, characters named Jessica were commonly featured in Lilly's "Annoying People" series that has since been discontinued. Common appearances of Jessicas include "The Difference Between White and Brown Girls" and "Types of People at the Mall". One

Early Life (Character)Edit

Jessica was born in January 21, 1988 to a mother named Kelly, a father called Paul and her little sister, Ashley.

In some of Lilly's more recent videos, Jessica is the name given to Lilly's fictional sister who has blonde hair; she has appeared in videos like "When I Die" and "Food That Changes the Way You Talk". She is known to be a cashier and often moans about being single, despite receiving sexually explicit pictures on Snapchat from users like 'UnicornHorn411'.

Please note that the two infoboxes denote the two versions of Jessica - the stereotypical white girl, and Lilly's fictional sister.

Creation of the Character Edit

The "white girl" Jessica, unlike other characters such as Manjeet and Paramjeet, was a staple of Lilly's early rant videos (such as the "Shady Moments" series) from the very beginning of her content, until she was phased out when Lilly's content became more broad.

Meanwhile, Lilly's fictional sister named Jessica was introduced very recently and has only been featured in a number of videos, usually alongside other family members like Lillinder and Rani Aunty.

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